PORTIER is a platform at Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent (Belgium).

The space is 2 m and 10 cm wide, 3 m and 96 cm deep and 2 m and 98 cm high. When entering the space through the door, wooden shelves hang right in front of you, on the opposite wall of the entrance. The shelves are, together with the sink, the boiler, the heater, the thermometer and the coat hanger, the only permanent objects in the space. On your right is a white wall and on your left two windows overlooking an old sculpture garden. The space is illuminated with two tube lights on the ceiling. The floor is tiled dark yellow and red. A wooden light box, in size comparable to a small shoe-box, is placed above the door. The light box communicates events to the outside of the space.

Upcoming events are communicated by mail, subscribe to the mailinglist by mailing to info@portiergent.be.